AWS Lambda’s Major Limitations

Since its inception in November 2014, AWS Lambda has been one of AWS’s most talked about products. It’s the industry’s flagship serverless computing product, allowing customers to run workloads without thinking about the server on which they will actually run. Lambda promises cheaper compute, easier architecture, and simpler development processes. But does it deliver?

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What Does Mercury Retrograde Have to Do With the AWS Summit?

In New York this Thursday I’ll be attending my third AWS Summit in that city. I’m not sure about you but for me, when an annual professional event approaches, I often reflect on how much I’ve matured professionally or in a particular role since the last event, and the one before that, etc. In 2017, I had just recently moved back to New Jersey from Israel, and at the same time had begun transitioning from being responsible for the company’s editorial team to cultivating new business and strategic partnerships in the U.S.

For those of you who have been in the same industry forever — especially if you are a tech professional — it may be difficult to recall what it’s like to walk into a large event where everyone seems to know each other or at least speak the same jargon, and you don’t.

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Why AWS re:Inforce? Because It’s Time!

Covering the world of cloud for more than a decade now, I’ve learned a simple thing: innovation should not and will not be focused too closely on security from the get-go. However, security cannot and should not be ignored as the cloud market matures and this is what we see here with the introduction of the 1st cloud security conference, AWS re:Inforce, taking place in Boston, June 25-26.

Back in the days when the market was still resistant to the public cloud, the discussion often centered around security of the environment and compliance. Public cloud opponents claimed that large enterprise and government organizations would not use the public cloud due to the risk of running sensitive workloads on a public facility. Now that the public cloud is a common go-to even for organizations with sensitive workloads, and AWS is the new IBM, this is no longer the case.

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The Subject Matter Expert (SME) Content Paradox and Pulling Teeth

When it comes to creating quality content assets for high-tech companies at scale, we have noticed the following paradox in the marketplace:

  • Writers know how to write but they don’t have hands-on, intimate knowledge of the technology.
  • The SME live and breathe the technology, but they don’t know how to effectively and engagingly write about it.

Of course there are exceptional individuals who are both knowledgeable and good writers but, let’s face it, they are few and far between—and, if you find one, worth his weight in gold.

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