5 Key Benefits of Docker: CI, Version Control, Portability, Isolation and Security

cool docker imageDocker doesn’t need an introduction. It is one of the hottest open source projects that allows you to deploy your application inside containers, adding a layer of abstraction. In a seemingly constant state of maturation, the benefits of using Docker increase on a regular basis. In this post, instead of talking about what Docker is or how it works, I’ll outline the top five benefits of using the ever-growing platform.

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I Love the Cloud: My Never-Ending Journey with AWS

[GUEST POST] I started exploring the cloud computing world around 5 years ago, and I must admit that my initial understanding of the cloud was a disaster. At first, it was difficult to find a comprehensive definition, but I finally settled on one from the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). It clearly defined the cloud’s attributes and models, and removed my doubts regarding what falls under the cloud umbrella. The experience that I had finding this definition made me realize that I wanted there to be an easier way for others to find it, as well. Therefore, I decided to create my own list of cloud guidelines. This was a turning point in my cloud journey, as it pushed me to teach many students and IT professionals about cloud computing.
Stumbling upon AWS is inevitable when discovering the cloud, and just as with the cloud, my first interaction with AWS was not simple, either. I remember the moment of “Eureka!” that came after I was finally able to launch an EC2 instance and deploy a simple application. Sometimes, I laugh at the sheer joy I experienced from such a small achievement, but I realize that this was a stepping stone in my AWS journey and my love for Amazon. I am now able to manage bigger AWS cloud infrastructures, and I’ve consulted for and successfully designed various Amazon projects. I’ve conducted sessions on how to scale applications and how to make scalable applications using Amazon.
I see that two things have remained steady over the past few years: continuous innovations at AWS and my love for AWS. AWS has always kept me motivated to learn new things with its consistent new offerings, and I’d like to share the reasons that I believe make it the immense influence on the cloud that it is today.

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5 Things You Should Know About Continuous Deployment…by the Man Who Coined the Term

contiunoTech Guru Timothy Fitz on making the jump to Continuous Deployment, the buzz around DevOps, and why GitHub has set back Software Departments by 5-10 years…
BlazeMeter invited me to ask 5 key questions to Timothy Fitz – the man who coined and popularized Continuous Deployment. Here are the results:

How would you define continuous deployment and how is it different to continuous delivery?

Timothy Fitz: This is a great question that isn’t frequently asked, since it is often assumed that they both mean the same thing. Usually, when people refer to continuous delivery, they actually mean continuous deployment.

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The Cloud Enables IoT – a Perfect Match and the Microsoft (Azure) Hackathon

IoT has been the hottest topic and buzz word within the technological community in recent years. While some of us think of IoT and the cloud as interdependent, the dependency is actually one directional. IoT cannot function without the infrastructure and countless possibilities that the cloud facilitates.

Being a cloud blogger, and the founder of IamOnDemand, I often get invited to key events related to cloud technologies. A few weeks ago, I was invited by Microsoft and ironSource to cover their joint IoT Hackathon, which hosted more than 50 developers from companies such as Mellanox, eBay, and mean.io. The Hackathon featured some of the newest Microsoft Azure cloud services features, including Microsoft’s events ingest cloud service, Azure Event Hubs; their new analytics data tool, Stream Analytics; Azure HDInsight ,Azure Machine Learning; and additional cloud related features and tools.


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Modern IT Monitoring: API-Based and the Human Touch

Screenshot_1011Monitoring is what allows you to generate complete transparency of the online service that you’re responsible for, including cloud infrastructure, application functionality and SLA. Modern IT monitoring seems to be composed of two layers: an infrastructure layer and an application layer. On the infrastructure layer, VMs, network, and storage are monitored, revealing memory consumption, CPU utilization, and network connection metrics. On the application layer, database performance, browsing latency, and actual application functionalities, such as users registration, login and cart are monitored. For mega sites like eBay and PayPal, even the slightest latency can lead to a loss of millions of dollars. If your online service isn’t monitored closely, the trust and confidence of your users can be significantly compromised. In this post, I would like to touch on several points that describe the current state of the market, how essential it is to monitor your resources, and what monitoring is built on.

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How IronSource Scales Node.js with Docker to Support Millions of Daily Users

[GUEST POST] ironSource is the world leading platform for software discovery, distribution, delivery and monetization. The solution consists of four cores – installCore, mobileCore, displayCore, and mediaCore – that connect software developers and users across platforms and devices.

The infrastructure department’s responsibilities include handling data received from all of our platforms for our own data analysis and billing. On any given day, we receive tens or even hundreds of millions of events from desktop computers, mobile phones, and web browsers. Our system comprises hundreds of servers supporting more than 5,000 concurrent connections.

In this article I will describe how we at ironSource scales Node.js with Docker – automatically build, deploy and run a Node.js application within a docker container to production.


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What Cloud 2015 Holds: My Predictions and Hopes for Enterprises

2014: A Reflection

t_F091CD55-1AEA-52CA-98B9-FC2558B77CF72014 has been a pivotal year in the enterprise tech world. Enterprise IT has begun to fully understand the cloud, and the development of a mutual understanding has grown. The cloud is, in turn, adjusting more and more to the features and traditional needs of enterprise  IT.

My perspective on next year is guided mostly by experiences I had this year (2014) at the AWS re:Invent conference. This huge cloud festival was the platform from which AWS publicly introduced the cloud as a means for creating today’s enterprise data center. Whether for native cloud web-scale applications or for enterprises of all shapes and sizes, the cloud is considered to be today’s best way to increase efficiency as well as flexibility in any IT environment. It is important to note that market saturation is still not here, however it’s just a matter of time until the cloud is used by everyone, covering a significant portion of the world of IT.


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Salesforce Brings its Startup Program to Israel

The world’s maybe No. 1 CRM vendor and one of the cloud computing leaders, has launched a new program that focuses specifically on startups dubbed: Salesforce for Startups. The program was announced at Salesforce’s Dreamforce event this past October in San Francisco. The idea behind the program is to accompany startups through their customer journey from the very early stages of building apps, to the time they start to discover their first customers, and later scale and grow. To be able to do so effectively, Salesforce addresses both technical and business challenges that startups face.
Register to the next IGT Cloud meetup – Breakfast with Salesforce: Manage your Sales Teams to Win!

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My Expectations for AWS reInvent 2014: Lots of People and 3 Announcements

aws reinventThis is my third re:Invent, and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to attend all of the major AWS events thus far. It is evident that Amazon is disrupting the IT industry, and some very experienced bloggers in the field have told me that it is just a matter of time before it takes over enterprise IT, as well. Maybe in another 10 years, though. Nonetheless, the change it has established in the industry is extreme, with the cloud’s agility and speed able to reach nearly every place on earth. There were 5K attendees at AWS’ first re:Invent and this year, Amazon is expecting over 12K. Vegas will be filled with geeks and big shot CIOs.

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Make the Most of AWS reInvent 2014

aws reinventThese are exciting times for the world of cloud computing, and with the largest ever AWS conference just around the corner, we can’t wait to see what everyone has in store. Our successful video interviews at AWS re:Invent 2013, with leading cloud brands across the globe, has brought the popular enterprise technology channel, SDR News, and yours truly together again to see what re:Invent 2014 has to offer.
The technology and consulting partners that shared their knowledge at last year’s event have greatly benefitted from their exposure across our social channels. And with the 12,000 participants expected to show up next week, exhibitors need to be especially on top of their game in order to manifest valuable opportunities. Last year’s video interviews focused on assessments of the event and learning about the exhibitors’ positions in and contributions to the AWS ecosystem. However, this year, we’re turning the focus fully onto you.

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