[Strategy & Editorial Planning]

A vision without a plan is wishful thinking. From content research & analysis to editorial planning, IOD combines deep tech and marketing expertise to build a  powerful, customized content strategy that grows with you.

[Our content strategy step-by-step]


Prep & Market Analysis

The IOD content strategy team conducts an industry survey of the competitive landscape and an in-depth assessment of your current marketing strategy and performance to map the gaps.

Creative Brainstorming

IOD teams up with your company stakeholders—SMEs, marketing, sales—for creative collaboration resulting in a content strategy & editorial plan that appeals to your tech audience and aligns with your unique value proposition.


Industry Competitive Analysis

IOD conducts comprehensive research on your competitors in order to understand their content strategies and create a plan to help you stand out from the competition.


Expert-Based Editorial Ideation

IOD tech experts & strategists provide a comprehensive list of content topics based on the research and information gathered in the previous stages, refining and optimizing for your tech personas and audience.


Editorial Calendar Plan

Once the topics have been approved, IOD will create a 6-month editorial calendar and execution plan. The IOD content strategy team then reviews the plan every quarter, provides ongoing support, and collaborates with your stakeholders to ensure the content remains relevant and on target.

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