The Subject Matter Expert (SME) Content Paradox and Pulling Teeth

When it comes to creating quality content assets for high-tech companies at scale, we have noticed the following paradox in the marketplace:

  • Writers know how to write but they don’t have hands-on, intimate knowledge of the technology.
  • The SME live and breathe the technology, but they don’t know how to effectively and engagingly write about it.

Of course there are exceptional individuals who are both knowledgeable and good writers but, let’s face it, they are few and far between—and, if you find one, worth his weight in gold.

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Revisiting Rails

By Adam Hawkins, IOD Expert
Earlier this year, I decided to build an SaaS MVP. My goal was simple: achieve MVP quickly. I considered using Rails instead of my standard approach. I wagered that Rails’ focus on rapid development outweighed the negative architectural trade-offs. Plus, I figured it would be worth it to experiment and give Rails another try after years away. I eschewed my concerns and set out to build the MVP.

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