How Often Do Tech Blogs Post? FYI: TechCrunch Published 1,076 Articles in January

The web is exploding with content and publications about the cloud and technology, which can make it challenging to garner attention for your own blog’s content. Consequently, we created Ideation, a tool that aggregates hundreds of thousands of articles from tech publishers ranging from giant tech blogs, such as TechCrunch, to small cloud startup blogs. All you do is search for a keyword(s) or topic, then Ideation automatically finds and ranks current related articles according to the amount of shares that they receive on social platforms. Ideation is comparable to BuzzSumo, but the big difference is that Ideation is free and is geared towards cloud technology-based content.
I asked our talented development team to provide some numbers about the articles that we’ve already aggregated to show you how often tech blogs and sites post and get an idea of how often you should, too.

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Geek Health: How-to De-Stress Your Workplace

computer-nerd.jpgHere at IOD (I am OnDemand), we spend a hefty amount of time sitting in front of the computer learning about the latest and greatest updates in the world of cloud computing and turning that knowledge into valuable content. It goes without saying that, along with the rest of the world of IT, we spend most of our days sitting for prolonged periods of time in postures that threaten our health and well being. Personally, as a registered yoga instructor (RYT 200), I find it extremely difficult to sit for long periods of time and always make sure to keep my blood pumping, joints happy and stress levels low, one way or another, when working on the computer. In respect to the wealth of knowledge out there regarding the dangers associated with prolonged sitting and the specific ailments linked to countless hours on the computer, I thought I’d share a few tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a computer geek.


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