Hey Journalist! You’re More In-Demand Than You Think

By Ofer Prossner, VP, Operations, IOD
Hi. My name is Ofer, and I might still be a journalist.
I guess that statement requires some explanation. Here’s the background: In college, I studied film and TV with a focus in script writing, and by a stroke of luck and a dose of Israeli chutzpah, I got into journalism. (Okay, so if you want to know the details, someone wrote an op-ed about my favorite sports team and I wrote an – ahem – “highly opinionated” talkback in response. The editor of the paper contacted me and asked me if I wanted to write for them.)
The money in print journalism wasn’t that good when I got there (if it was ever good). To top things off, the newspaper group I worked for was constantly shaking things up, reinventing formats and coming up with plans for how to stop the inevitable fate of print news becoming obsolete as online news consumption became more widespread.

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The Secret Sauce of Tech-related Blog Content

By Tina Ornstein, IOD Editor
Blogging on technical topics for a knowledgeable audience is a little bit like tightrope walking — it requires incredible balancing skills and one false step sends you plummeting into oblivion. In other words, if you don’t find the right balance between technical expertise and audience engagement, then your blog will be ignored (which is the equivalent of oblivion in the content world.)
At IOD, we have developed and perfected our own secret sauce for helping our customers reach their target audiences. Our methodology is based on one simple mantra: “writers are not experts and experts are not writers.” Thus a successful technical blog, (i.e., a blog that gets traction with its target audience) requires the collaboration of an expert and a content person — either a writer or a proactive editor.
Although chefs tend to guard their secret sauces carefully, we at IOD believe in transparency and are happy to share with you the key ingredients of ours.

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