5 Writing Tips for Cloud Evangelists (from Someone Who’s Created 400+ Posts)

shutterstock_128309906Nearly every IT company these days has a blog. Whether it is meant to explain products/services, announce new releases, or update readers about relevant happenings in a specific business niche, the ultimate goal is to engage your target audience. You may want to build trust over time, or convince them in a single post that your cloud product or service is what they need. While the goal seems obvious, actual implementation can be much more challenging.

Over the past year, I’ve created approximately 400 posts in the realm of cloud computing at IamOnDemand (IOD). We interview developers, evangelists, and CTOs to extract information from its source. We then turn that knowledge into clear content that keeps readers interested and wanting more. While some of the following tips may seem obvious, keep them in mind. You may find a need for them more often than you think.


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oTranscribe, A Transcriber’s Dream Tool

The IOD team has generated over 500 articles for our customers over the past year, all of which have been original and unique in the world of cloud computing. Our technical writers and evangelists are measured by their efficiency and ability to maintain quality and accuracy. As a result, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance our production capabilities, making sure to arm our staff with tools that make their jobs easier, including our own Ideation and Google docs to WordPress features. In this article, we would like to share an important tool with you that we feel every writer should know about.


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Cloud Content Marketing Through Knowledge

DevOps and Cloud expertiseMarketing through knowledge has gained vast popularity for enterprises and startups, alike. Creating educational content for your community, otherwise known as content marketing, has become the preferred method of marketing for a number of reasons. Instead of enticing a potential customer for a few seconds with a witty tagline or flashy banner, cloud content marketing engages potential customers through news, industry awareness, expertise, and storytelling. Educational content’s purpose is to arouse an audience’s curiosity, leaving them with more knowledge and questions about the subject. Conversely, traditional marketing methods, like copywriting, have a specific and usually very direct call to action. As a result, the reader will either take action or not, leaving the company and potential customer with very little room for engagement. Promotional content has its purposes in marketing, but education is not one of them. Writing content that educates rather than promotes has proven to be an effective way for cloud computing vendors to build customer relationships resulting in more than just sales, but community, as well.


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Cloud Marketer, You Don’t Have a Clue!

quality contentWhat is the point of hiring a marketer? By definition, a marketer is supposed to possess the ability to market the goods or services provided by a company to the appropriate target markets. In reality, however, this definition is often times expanded to entail a larger quantity of tasks, which unfortunately is not proportionate to quality.


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3 Reasons Why (Posting) Once a Week is Not Enough!

Editorial calendar

Finding that magic number of relevant blog posts needed to keep your cloud-minded audience engaged and craving more can be trickier than you think. One thing’s for sure, though, posting once a week is not enough! While cloud companies may be up to their eyeballs in new developments and performance maintenance, here are three reasons why creating content needs to be at the top of every hi-tech and cloud company’s to-do list.


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