Cloud Content Marketing Through Knowledge

DevOps and Cloud expertiseMarketing through knowledge has gained vast popularity for enterprises and startups, alike. Creating educational content for your community, otherwise known as content marketing, has become the preferred method of marketing for a number of reasons. Instead of enticing a potential customer for a few seconds with a witty tagline or flashy banner, cloud content marketing engages potential customers through news, industry awareness, expertise, and storytelling. Educational content’s purpose is to arouse an audience’s curiosity, leaving them with more knowledge and questions about the subject. Conversely, traditional marketing methods, like copywriting, have a specific and usually very direct call to action. As a result, the reader will either take action or not, leaving the company and potential customer with very little room for engagement. Promotional content has its purposes in marketing, but education is not one of them. Writing content that educates rather than promotes has proven to be an effective way for cloud computing vendors to build customer relationships resulting in more than just sales, but community, as well.


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The Google Chrome App that Bridges the Gap Between Google Docs and WordPress

 This is an official announcement of Google Docs to WordPress, our new Google Drive app. The app transfers Google documents into WordPress with one click, while automatically adjusting the images and formatting in order to fit with your blog’s graphic theme.

The field of content writing seems to experiencing something of a golden age. The world is discovering the power that lies within the ability to constantly create new quality content. This, however, is no easy task. Content writing usually requires an intricate collaboration between contributors, writers, reviewers and others. Establishing an efficient workflow is key to overcoming these challenges.


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