My Interview with Adrian Cockcroft – Netflix Cloud Pioneer

Adrian-Cockroft-bigOn Wednesday July 2nd, Adrian Cockcroft from Battery Venture is going to lecture on an IGTCloud and IamOnDemand meetup. Prior to joining Battery, Adrian  lead Netflix’s migration to a large scale, highly available public-cloud architecture and the open sourcing of the cloud-native NetflixOSS platform – the Netflix cloud management platform.

The Netflix Cloud

Netflix, the popular American provider of internet video streaming, dominates the market with over 50 million subscribers and a third of all internet traffic during peak hours. Netflix currently operates in over 40 countries and has announced its expansion to 6 more European countries. Netflix is not only the leader in internet streaming services but an example of the largest pure cloud service based on an open-source stack running on Amazon Web Services. Netflix is a widely referenced case study for how to effectively operate a cloud application at scale.
Following his arrival to Israel, I had the pleasure of interviewing the Netflix cloud pioneer.

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Cloud Marketer, You Don’t Have a Clue!

quality contentWhat is the point of hiring a marketer? By definition, a marketer is supposed to possess the ability to market the goods or services provided by a company to the appropriate target markets. In reality, however, this definition is often times expanded to entail a larger quantity of tasks, which unfortunately is not proportionate to quality.


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3 Reasons Why (Posting) Once a Week is Not Enough!

Editorial calendar

Finding that magic number of relevant blog posts needed to keep your cloud-minded audience engaged and craving more can be trickier than you think. One thing’s for sure, though, posting once a week is not enough! While cloud companies may be up to their eyeballs in new developments and performance maintenance, here are three reasons why creating content needs to be at the top of every hi-tech and cloud company’s to-do list.


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