Why I Went All-in with Containers…and the Fails Along the Way

By Adam Hawkins, IOD Expert
I’ve worked in tech for the last 10 years, mainly building, deploying, and running backend systems. I started out building PHP web services. Next, thankfully, came Ruby on Rails. I took the plunge into single page applications with Ember.js a few years later, but soon went running back to backend and service work.
The company I previously worked for went all in on Docker shortly after version 1.0, so the team and I experienced all the changes that went along with it. My last big project at the company was replacing our hand-rolled Docker orchestration system with Kubernetes. It was a huge challenge, but an impactful learning experience. Now, I want to pass some of that knowledge onto you by sharing my story of adopting, developing, and running production containers.

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Kubernetes Is Not the Silver Bullet

By Maish Saidel-Keesing, IOD Expert
Does the following sound familiar to you?
The industry latches on to a new technology and everyone falls under its spell, a spell that makes them think this latest technology will solve any and all of the problems we have suffered from in the past.

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