IODigest May 2024: 5 Pillars of CloudSec, RSAC, Google Cloud Summit, Expert Tech Video Tips, the IOD Portfolio

“Zero fluff” is the motto we live by at IOD. And for seven years now, we’ve been filling a market gap, providing the biggest tech brands quality practitioner-based content at scale in the fields of cloud, DevOps, cybersecurity, data engineering, and AI. 

Delivering meaningful tech content that speaks to your target audience requires keeping on top of the latest developments in tech, including regularly attending industry events. 

This month, the IOD team made its way to San Francisco for RSAC 2024 and attended Google Cloud Summit TLV.

RSAC 2024 in San Francisco


Google Cloud Summit TLV


In keeping with the cloud security theme, in his latest blog post, IOD CEO Ofir Nachmani covers the 5 pillars of AWS cloud security.

And in this month’s tips for the tech marketer, IOD’s video production team gives you the rundown on how to do a tech how-to video right.

Also, be sure to check out our new featured “From the IOD Portfolio” section, giving you a glimpse into the content we’re producing for our clients and what we can produce for you.


The 5 Pillars of AWS Cloud Security

The 5 Pillars of AWS Cloud Security

The shift to multicloud, the industry-wide adoption of Kubernetes, innumerable data silos, and the rise of open source.

How has your organization adapted to the changing cloud security landscape?

This blog post looks at what to work towards as you craft your organization’s cloud security practices, focusing on five key trends as well as useful tools and solutions to address them.

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6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your “How-To” Tech Videos
6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your “How-To” Tech Videos

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your “How-To” Tech Videos

Are you taking maximum advantage of your tech video marketing

Are your videos reaching all your target audiences—developers, CTOs, CISOs, security engineers, and more?

These are areas even the most seasoned marketers can struggle with. IOD’s video experts share 6 tips to master your “how-to” tech video marketing.

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From the IOD Portfolio


In need of a blog post series? A product tutorial? White papers and thought leadership? Videos? 

IOD offers all this and more as part of our end-to-end expert-based tech content marketing services.


This month, in honor of RSAC and Google Cloud Summit, we share with you these top-ranking security and GCP-related portfolio samples:


Want to rank #1 with your tech content?

Learn how IOD helped Wiz hit #1-3 for 180 security keywords in 5 months.



Stay Tuned…

In June, the IOD team will be attending Cyber Week 2024 and AWS Summit TLV to support our clients and to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. 

Will we be seeing you there? Come meet the IOD team!

We’ll also be dropping the expanded version of our Wiz case study in June so you can learn more about how IOD built Wiz a self-paying content machine.

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