Shift Right For Analytics-Driven Predictive Software Delivery

Staying ahead in today’s fast-moving world demand efficient software delivery teams. and with time being the most expensive and valuable resource a company has, enerprises today face increasing pressure to build software quickly and without sacrificing quality

Delivery is not about speed and quality alone, however.
For optimal results today, frequent software delivery should be shaped by constant user involvement and the utilization of in-depth analysis of in-production application data such as performance, user interaction data, customer feedback, resource usage and other operational metrics. The ability to effectively analyze this data and act on the results is transforming software delivery into a complete package that enables better quality, higher productivity and an improved customer experience.

In this paper, we’ll dive into the concept of software delivery based on predictive analytics, and discuss how you can use it to provide strategic differentiation for your enterprise, while enabling the innovation that today’s IT leaders need in order to navigate their path to success.


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