Cloud Computing 101: The Ultimate Guide for Tech Marketing Writers

Want to upgrade your writing career and become a B2B cloud content writer? Just come armed with writing skills, and we’ll give you the rest—from everything you need to know about the target audience, industry players, pain points, tech terminology, and more. Start future-proofing your content writing business.

This ebook will introduce you to the main cloud industry players, as well as to the language they speak. Plus, we’ll share some tried-and-tested secrets to creating articles that speak directly to tech professionals on the ground, working with the technology, or mid-level managers at tech companies.

You already know how to write; now, you need to convert that ability into delivering sophisticated tech articles that provide value to readers, especially technical readers. But don’t be afraid–this ebook will show you that you actually already have the skills to do this. Obviously, this is just one book, and it’s a short one, so it won’t be the be-all and end-all of writing about cloud computing. But it will ideally give you a solid foundation to write effectively about cloud computing, and, as a bonus, help give you the confidence to believe that you can do it.


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