Driving the need for security analytics (Cognyte)

In theory, achieving a rapid resolution to criminal, terror, and cyber investigations should be relatively straightforward in our technology-driven world.

After all, nowadays government and enterprise security organizations have more data available and more sophisticated tools to assist them than ever before.

Yet when it comes down to it, effectively detecting and preventing threats is a much more elusive goal than would seem.

Security organizations, whether government agencies or within enterprises face similar challenges in this respect. Investigative, operational and SOC teams at these organizations are charged with keeping people, property, and processes safe, and preventing operational disruption and reputational damage.

Although these security teams have advanced technology and highly trained personnel, all too often investigations take too long to resolve or go unresolved altogether. Data is siloed in disparate databases, preventing critical pieces of information from being fused, correlated, and leveraged. And as a result, security teams frequently lack high-quality, real-time information and key indicators are missed, which prevents damaging incidents from being averted before they occur.

In recent years, virtually all industries have begun using analytical solutions to generate insights in order to gain a competitive edge – whether to improve manufacturing processes or to optimize pricing and advertising. While some security organizations have followed this trend and have deployed analytics platforms, in many cases, these platforms are proprietary home-grown solutions that do not adequately support the evolving needs of security teams and cannot provide the deep level of insight required.

With the old approach of homegrown development no longer viable, security organizations are increasingly turning to open security analytics platforms.

In this white paper, we’ll examine what’s driving security organizations, both government, and enterprise, to make this shift.

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