Buyer’s Guide to Cloud Network Security

Buyer’s Guide to Cloud Network Security

Although corporate and internal networks are the most popular (54%) attack vector for hackers, cloud-based environments, e-commerce in particular, are the next most popular targets (44%) (2020 Trustwave Global Security Report). In fact, between four and five of every 10 data breaches (43%) involve web applications. Moreover,

a recent study shows that misconfigured clouds were a leading cause of breaches in 2020, and data breaches due to cloud misconfigurations resulted in the average cost of a breach increasing by more than half a million dollars, from $3.86 million to $4.41 million.

As a result, cloud security has become business-critical as organizations expand and deepen their cloud presence. According to the Check Point 2020 Cloud Security Report, 75% of surveyed organizations were either very or extremely concerned about cloud security.

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