It’s Impossible to Succeed on Talent Alone

By Ofer Prossner
VP, Operations, IOD
Let me tell you about something I like even more than my job as VP, Operations at IOD: Football (some of you might know it as “soccer”).
I reside in Berlin, where the biggest football team is FC Bayern Munich, who this week fired their coach, famed Italian Carlo Ancelotti.
Football is a big business, and not many teams are bigger than the Bavarian Giants, who have countless stars, numerous fans, and a packed trophy room. Some would say that a team of such talented players does not need a coach to guide it. And perhaps this is so since although Ancelotti won the German championship four months ago, he’s now out.

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Beware: Some Writers Are Really Bad Editors

By Jen Maidenberg, VP, Editorial, IOD
In the time since I started a varied career that has always included some element of writing, the definition of “editor” has never been consistent. It changes depending on the publication or company I am working for, and has dramatically altered over the last 15 years as “features” have become “blogs” have become “content.”

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I Won’t Be Going Back to Upwork for Content

By Ofir Nachmani, Founder and CEO, IOD
Look: Upwork can be quite useful if you have a very specific, well-defined project. But for content creation, Upwork failed me—big time.
I came to this conclusion via personal, hands-on experience. About a year ago, I invested huge efforts to use several Upwork freelancers to create some in-depth articles for a database-related brand. Although I managed to squeeze out two articles, it cost me thousands of dollars and endless hours of my time.

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