Interview with Michael Bolton: The Software Tester & the Unexpected

Michael Bolton is a thought leader in the world of software testing, with over two decades of experience in the computer industry testing, developing, managing, and writing about software. As an international consultant and testing trainer, Michael gives workshops and conference presentations about testing methodologies and perceptions that specialize in Rapid and Exploratory Software Testing. Learn more

We invited the reputable cloud blogger, Ofir Nachmani to interview Michael Bolton. See what unfolded below:

Ofir Nachmani: “My interview with Bolton was really unique. We started with a shallow discussion about the cloud, that quickly moved to a very interesting discussion about software testing. Michael provided enlightening insights into the role of an individual software tester, the outlook a tester should have when using load testing tools, and the relationship between a product owner and a tester. He also covered basic fundamentals, such as how to test “the unexpected”. Even if you’re not a developer or tester, the information below will most likely shed light on an industry that directly affects us all.”


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The CloudChronicle Show: VMware, Ravello and Openstack (birthday party)

cloudchronicleI recently joined forces with  Patrick Pushor of to discuss timely news in Cloud Computing.

In this episode we discuss VMWare. Based on recent article in GigaOm, “VMware Hotseat Getting Hotter by the Minute”. We end up  discussing how the virtual machine changed its nature to become a cloud instance and how the cloud quickly takes the place of the expensive traditional VMWare layer. That takes the discussion straight to an interesting new startup –  Ravello  that already made start up financing round of $26M . Ravello allows you to encapsulate a complete application (load balancers, app servers, web servers, databases, etc.) AND it’s environment (networking, storage, etc.). The result is complete portability across clouds and between on-premise and public clouds.

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5 Key Essentials of Cloud Workloads Migration

imageThe benefits of migrating workloads between different cloud providers or between private and public clouds can only truly be redeemed with an understanding of the cloud business model and cloud workload management. It seems that cloud adoption has reached the phase where advanced cloud users are creating their own hybrid solutions or migrating between clouds while striving to achieve interoperability values within their systems. This article aims to answer some of the questions that arise when managing cloud workloads.


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