Containers the Best Choice for CD? Think Again

By Adam Hawkins, IOD Expert
I’m a continuous deployment advocate, and I hope you are, too. I’m not pitching CD in this post because I think the benefits speak for themselves. What I want to examine today is how to build strong continuous deployment pipelines.
Containers and orchestration solutions such as Kubernetes immediately come to mind since they’re today’s default target. The industry is moving towards containers, but adopting these technologies does not make sense for every single team in all circumstances. You may not need containers. There are other options and some, frankly, are simply better alternatives.

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DevOps – Offices Discouraged

devops[G u e s t   P o s t] Every company, technological ones in particular, is faced with a long list of challenges concerning productive work environments. For starters, traditional concepts of hiring local talents, which may or may not exist, and having all employees work together in the same office space have proven, over the years, to bring about a number of interruptions and fairly unproductive work environments. What is lacking is focus.


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DevOps and Continuous Delivery Symbiosis

devops[G u e s t   P o s t]   The term “DevOps” has been floating around the IT industry since 2009, yet a very select number of people seem to actually understand what it means. Companies make efforts to create DevOps teams, appoint DevOps managers, and even seek outside consulting, but the main point that is missing is that there is no one person, or small group of people within a company that can “do” DevOps. It is a culture that needs to be accepted and practiced by the company as a whole. Only then can it effectively contribute to the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

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