Plan and build the ROI for your On-Demand offering.

“The promise of Cloud Computing is primarily the following key technical characteristics:

  1. The ability to create the illusion of infinite capacity; the performance is the same if scaled for one, to a hundred, or a thousand users with consistent service-level characteristics.
  2. Abstraction of the infrastructure so applications are not locked into devices or locations.
  3. Pay-as-you-go usage of the IT service; you only pay for what you use and with no or minimal up-front investment costs. You typically just use the service through a connection and device.
  4. The service is on-demand; able to scale up and scale down with near instant availability. Typically, no forward planning forecast is required.
  5. Access to applications and information from any access point.

But this is only half the story. These technical characteristics can also be found in non-disruptive technology solutions. The rate of change and magnitude of cost reduction and specific technical performance impact of Cloud Computing are not just incremental, but can give a five to ten times order of magnitude improvement.”

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