Multi-tenancy: emulation or the real thing?

Over and Over again this subject is brought to the table thi makes me observe that that ISVs spend alot of efforts on conversion of their application to Multi-tenancy level 1 / level 2   (Check I Am OnDemand Terminology page).

I think that this fact teaches us that SaaS hype is here to stay and that the world of application consuming is rapidly changes now more than ever. As I mentioned on past posts I strongly believes that analysts will be suprised to find that a lot of ISVs will be ready to deliver “real” SaaS by the end of this year include full Multi-tenancy, new PaaSs and new web applications that were converted from on-premise will be introduce to IT consumers. ISVs that didn’t “wake up” already can  find themselves outside of the game.

Click here to learn more about Multi-tenancy levels from Phil Wainewright article brought you by ZDnet.

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