how your customers and prospects compare their on-premise TCO to your SaaS offering TCO ?

“SaaS vendors claim that the key drivers to SaaS adoption are lower TCO, rapid deployment and reduced IT operations and support costs. However companies need to make a conscientious effort to measure the value provided by SaaS from a TCO perspective. Therefore, on the one hand companies need to constantly monitor the TCO of a SaaS solution, while on the other hand companies need to ensure that the capabilities served by the SaaS provider continues to meet their business needs within the context of a rapidly evolving business climate i.e. features, capabilities and performance provided by the SaaS vendor is in line with business expectations.”

The followings can include additional costs when acquiring new SaaS application:

  1. Additional Users
  2. More features/functions
  3. Provisioning and upgrades
  4. Data Portability and integration
  5. Customization

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