Become a Cloud Celebrity at AWS NYC Summit

IamOnDemand Cloud Celebrity
IamOnDemand Cloud Celebrity

Whether you are a cloud consumer or vendor, launching your first startup or developing cutting edge technology to improve cloud computing experiences…you can be famous!

Over the years, I have become very familiar with the AWS cloud, as well as the startups that were utilizing the cloud from the get-go. Through this experience, I was able to witness how the market matured, and eventually see those very same startups flourish into the strong companies they are today. I am proud to announce that IOD has since expanded into a great team of professionals who leverage their knowledge to help the AWS ecosystem tell their stories. Today, we are working with dozens of companies and are proving to be the leaders in sourcing the knowledge that this fast growing ecosystem has to offer, making sure to evangelize the cloud and support an amazing movement within the technology world.

The AWS re:Invent floor last November was a vibrant arena full of remarkable vendors, products, and services. Auspiciously, our time there was spent holding inspiring interviews, learning about how each exhibitor’s business values and offerings assist AWS users and add value to the AWS ecosystem. In addition, the IOD team introduced the ‘Cloud Celebrity’, granting select exhibitors the exclusive ‘Cloud Celebrity’ tag.

Over the past six months, we have refined our own offerings, now providing a fool-proof plan of action to turn companies of all sizes into cloud celebrities. By performing effective knowledge sourcing exclusively from your experts, influencing online media, and organizing quality events, we set the stage for cloud stardom. Last year’s successful ‘Cloud Celebrity’ projects in Las Vegas and San Francisco clearly demonstrated the significance of the knowledge and tools behind mastering the AWS ecosystem.

Become a Cloud Celebrity

At the upcoming AWS summit in New York, we are proud to announce that you will have yet another opportunity to become a ‘Cloud Celebrity’, with even more offerings and room for expansion than ever before. We will be visiting many booths throughout the event, learning about your journey with AWS from adoption to infinite scalability, and everything in between.What’s more, the top three stories will be shared with our community of bloggers and journalists, in addition to being published on our channels. posted on IOD, along with a few other cloud-renowned blogs. Check out a few of our interviews from last year’s events.

We are looking for practical cases with quality knowledge and best practices that will reveal the insider’s world of AWS. So, if your story is one for the books, contact me at: or even better, tweet to @iamondemand, and I would be delighted to schedule a time to stop by your booth.

The only question remaining is…

Do you want your ‘Cloud Celebrity’ tshirt?

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