Why Multi-Tenancy ?

“As traditional on-premise  ISVs need to transform their products to the new “cloud” business model, they may rush to bring Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings to market prematurely. Unfortunately, the DNA of an ISV is radically different from that of a service provider. ISVs are mostly in the business of writing software. And while the intellectual property remains important, efficient operating practices are also essential to success in SaaS. “

This Article is a marketing action that was published by Corent which is a “multi-tenancy enabler”. I am bringing that to you because  I believe that it  is important to understand the need for “pure” or “true” multi-tenancy. I would have suggest the writer to discuss also about multi-tenancy level 4 that means integration of the application with the cloud infrastructure to maintain an optimal resource utilization.

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