Scale Up Your Content and Become a Tech Content Powerhouse: Introducing IOD for Enterprise

Working with some of the leading and most innovative tech companies on the market for a half a decade now, at IOD, we are all too familiar with the challenges of delivering quality tech content at scale.

That’s why tech giants like Microsoft, NetApp, Check Point, and Zoho rely on IOD to fill this need.

Zoho, a global enterprise offering a suite of IT management software for the enterprise, partnered with IOD with the goal of building a large directory of technical content to drive traffic to their website, increase conversions, and expand their user base.

“From their deep technical expertise and account management services to their streamlined content creation process, IOD has become our go-to for all our tech content needs. Working with IOD’s DevOps and cloud experts, we were able to produce quality tech content that resonates with our audience and has helped us achieve our business goals. We look forward to continuing to grow together and already have plans to extend the partnership with IOD to influencer marketing and video creation!”

—Jennis Thomas, Senior Content Manager, Zoho 


Though the market has matured and technologies have advanced, for many tech enterprises, their content marketing has remained stagnant, delivering little to no value to the modern practitioner audience.

At IOD, we are committed to creating expert-based content tailored to your tech audience for maximum results.

Over the past year, IOD has continued to expand and deepen its partnerships with tech enterprise clients looking to reach their marketing goals through deep tech content.

The Secret Sauce: A Dedicated, Highly Skilled Production

A few years back, I had the opportunity to meet with Randall Lane, chief content officer of Forbes Media and editor of Forbes Magazine. I remember him asking me what I viewed as the secret sauce of a content machine. We concurred it was the individual freelance contributor and that in order for an enterprise to become a publisher, it would need to establish a diverse, collaborative team of individuals—each with specific roles and responsibilities.

This includes content strategists, project managers, writers, editors, video/audio producers, designers, and more. And when it comes to publishing about technology, the production process must include subject matter experts and researchers from relevant domains.

This is exactly how IOD has operated from day one, and our model has proven itself time and time again for tech enterprises industry-widewhether in the cloud, DevOps, cybersecurity, AI space, or other technology domains.

Our vast and powerful network of independent, highly skilled production teams works as an extension to your marketing team to consistently deliver quality tech content at scale, across all your sales and marketing channels. Moreover, we are constantly recruiting, qualifying, and working hard to retain and grow our expansive network of practitioner writers.

By partnering with IOD, you benefit from:

  • Access to a vast network of tech experts, strategists, bloggers, influencers, editors, and more
  • The most up-to-date and relevant tech content, tailored to your audience for maximum results
  • Deep tech content at mass scale and at a regular publishing cadence
  • Reduced time to market by letting your development teams focus on your product
  • End-to-end marketing services, from strategy and content to editorial and design
  • Streamlined budgeting and content management

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Get Maximum Results Working with Your Dedicated IOD Content Production Team

Through our years of experience creating deep tech content for hundreds of leading industry players and our active involvement in the ecosystem, at IOD, we have a deep understanding of the technology enterprise and how it operates. Whether a veteran enterprise or new-age born-in-cloud vendor, IOD helps you overcome your content production challenges, bridging gaps across the organization and delivering custom content at the scale and cadence you need.

When Global Emerging technologies CTO lead at Microsoft Amit Svarzenberg needed to quickly put together a series of case studies showcasing the company’s startup success stories—but his in-house marketing team lacked the bandwidth to take it on—Microsoft chose to partner with IOD. With IOD’s extensive, dedicated production team managing the entire content creation process, Svarzenberg knew that it would get done faster and more efficiently than if the Microsoft marketing team had done it alone.

“We needed to produce 15 technical case studies fast. IOD made it happen in just a few weeks, while maintaining the highest production and delivery standards.” —Amit Svarzenberg, Global Emerging Technologies Lead, Microsoft for Startups

Tech content is our bread and butter. And together with our vast network of tech marketing writers, expert bloggers, and influencers, we are on a mission to make our clients thought leaders in their domains.

Discover how to build your production force and turn your enterprise into a tech content powerhouse. 

Contact us to learn more about IOD’s enterprise offering.

Take your tech content strategy to the next level.​

Start building your content machine.

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