Partnering with IOD, Iguazio Sees 383% Increase in Organic Traffic

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“Sometimes you need content just to get eyeballs on your page and to get visitors to take actions like clicking on links. But even that type of content can’t be fluff. We needed content that was both deeply technical and that told a story—and there’s a big gap between these two elements. IOD bridged that gap for us.”


—Alexandra Quinn, Product Marketing and Content Manager, Iguazio


Iguazio is a leading MLOps startup working with enterprise customers across the Americas, EMEA and APAC. Its MLOps platform “brings data science to life” by transforming AI projects into real-world business outcomes.


Finding writers with the rare combo of hands-on MLOps expertise and a background in tech marketing was a real challenge for Iguazio. While marketing relied on the R&D team for their technical know-how, their contribution to Iguazio’s marketing efforts was taking time away from their core business, and their developers simply lacked the time needed to produce deep tech marketing content at scale.


By partnering with IOD, Iguazio was able to tap into IOD’s vast network of tech experts—including MLOps practitioners—seasoned tech marketing writers, and veteran editors to generate deeply technical blog posts, white papers, glossary pages, and more.

Check out the below examples: 

Glossary: “What is an image processing framework for machine learning

Blog post: “ML Workflows: What Can You Automate?” 


Just eight months into their collaboration with IOD, Iguazio saw a 383% increase in organic traffic to their glossary pages, gaining traction within the search engines and on social media, and positioning the brand as a thought leader in MLOps.

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Creating Expert-Based Tech Content at Scale


While connecting to developers and technical audiences has been a key component of Iguazio’s marketing strategy, their most knowledgeable resource when it came to their product and MLOps—their internal R&D team—was busy pursuing product development goals for faster time to market. The development team simply lacked the bandwidth to take on content production as well, let alone at the weekly cadence and volume needed to make a real impact.

“We needed content that was both deeply technical and that told a story. Yet there was a big gap between the two.” —Alexandra Quinn

While the dev team was working to get their product out fast, Iguazio’s marketing department was under pressure to deliver too. Marketing decided to outsource some of their operations and to find a way to do so without compromising on the quality of their content and other online activities.

But the team soon found that among their greatest challenges were finding skilled tech bloggers with deep MLOps expertise and establishing a scalable content production process.

The IOD Solution

Looking to fill this gap, Iguazio partnered with IOD, which brought to the table both the storytelling and technical expertise Iguazio needed to take their content production to the next level. Over the course of the year, IOD delivered dozens of deep-tech content pieces—from blog posts to glossary pages—covering all areas of MLOps. Articles included such topics as “What is Machine Learning Infrastructure” and “What is Model Management?

The Iguazio marketing team worked closely with a dedicated IODmarketing writer with hands-on expertise in MLOps. IOD’s streamlined, fully transparent production process—facilitated by the Asana task management tool and Google Workspace—made it easy to track progress and gave them full visibility and control over all of their content projects. Along with a designated IOD account manager to ensure Iguazio’s content needs were being met, the marketing team could easily communicate their content requirements and ensure it was aligned with their messaging.


From the time of their partnership with IOD, and despite having had a blog for many years, , Iguazio’s glossary pages soon reached unprecedented levels of traffic, going from 465 hits in October 2021 to 1,778 hits in June 2022—a 383% increase. Iguazio Product and Content Marketing Manager Alexandra Quinn remarked that hitting these numbers was possible “only because of the work of IOD.”

IOD’s custom-tailored monthly editorial plan for Iguazio has resulted in:

      • 383% growth in organic traffic (new users) to their glossary pages in the first eight months.
      • Maintaining the cadence and consistency necessary to meet such KPIs as Google ranking, traffic, and brand awareness.
      • Saving its R&D team hours of work by allowing them to focus on core business and product development, instead of generating content.
      • Positioning the Iguazio brand as a leader in the field by creating high-quality, expert-based ML content that resonates with the target audience.

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About Iguazio

The Iguazio MLOps Platform enables enterprises to develop, deploy, and manage AI applications in an efficient, scalable, and reproducible way. Iguazio helps enterprises generate business value faster with AI by accelerating the path to production and continuously rolling out new AI services in a fraction of the time and with far fewer resources. Iguazio empowers organizations to run AI applications in real time, deploy them anywhere (multi-cloud, on-premises, or edge), and bring to life their most ambitious AI-driven strategies.

About IOD

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