WE’RE LIVE: IOD On-Demand Knowledge Marketplace


Content has become the centerpiece of every marketing strategy. It has to be. It’s leveraged for SEO and organic traffic growth, industry credibility, thought leadership, demand generation, product marketing, and everything else. But the pace at which deep tech content needs to be delivered is hard to keep up with when our primary knowledge source is none other than our very busy in-house developers. 

Content always takes a backseat to the company product, in this fast-moving tech landscape, and marketing needs to find a solution… fast!

Introducing Our oDX expert Marketplace

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest product, the On-Demand Experience Marketplace (ODX), taking our tried and true tech content services to an “at-the-click-of-a-button” experience.

Starting today, you can order deep tech content tailored to the industries and topics you’re targeting—cloud, DevOps, cybersecurity, AI/ML, vertical-specific content like insurtech and medtech, and much more, and all through a simple self-service platform.

It’s as simple as checking the boxes for what you need—whether it’s a blog about serverless, an ebook on Kubernetes, or content strategy for your new cloud channel on your enterprise blog, checkout, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll maintain the IOD quality you trust, with well-researched, expert-based content, at the pace of your marketing needs.

Deep Skill Marketplaces Are the Next Big Wave, and IOD Takes the Lead

Pete Flint, General Partner at NFX, who authored The New Generation of Labor Marketplaces and the Future of Work, explains how the gig economy and marketplaces will transform in the near future.

And IOD is kicking off the trend by providing:

      • Expert blog posts, webinars, podcasts, videos—and all of these with top of the line production, graphics, analytics, and attribution baked-in, and much more.
      • Deeper and more informative content and research.
      •  An enhanced user experience, where you can find everything you need at your fingertips.

We’re changing the game. Welcome to our marketplace. We’re bringing you the quality, expert-based knowledge that you need in one platform.

And we aren’t stopping with tech content. As your marketing needs grow, we’ll be happy to grow with you. Our newly launched ODX marketplace hand picks the most talented and experienced service providers in the marketing ecosystem to deliver repeatable, automatable, high-quality marketing services at the click of a button. In this deep skill marketplace you’ll find everything from SEO, to UI/UX, branding & graphic design, video editing, podcast production and much more 

We know cloud and we know tech & marketing services; and now we’re merging both of these worlds to provide an on-demand platform to serve as a B2B tech marketing services infrastructure for the entire tech industry.

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