IEEE and DMTF Define Cloud and SaaS Standards

Continue from my last post about NIST, I found the IEEE targets Cloud Interoperability Standards and for that matter the organization established 2 work groups
P2301 – Guide for Cloud Portability and Interoperability Profiles (CPIP): ”This guide advises cloud computing ecosystem participants (cloud vendors, service providers, and users) of standards-based choices in areas such as application interfaces, portability interfaces, management interfaces, interoperability interfaces, file formats, and operation conventions. This guide groups these choices into multiple logical profiles, which are organized toaddress different cloud personalities.”

P2302 – Standard for Intercloud Interoperability and Federation (SIIF): ”This standard defines topology, functions, and governance for cloud-to-cloud interoperability and federation. Topological elements include clouds, roots, exchanges (which mediate governance between clouds), and gateways (which mediate data exchange between clouds). Functional elements include name spaces, presence, messaging, resource ontologies (including standardized units of measurement), and trust infrastructure. Governance elements include registration, geo-independence, trust anchor, and potentially compliance and audit. The standard does not address intra-cloud (within cloud) operation, as this is cloud implementation-specific, nor does it address proprietary hybrid-cloud implementations.”
Another organization DMTF that aim to define the IT industry including cloud computing as part of it.  Recently they announced a new Software License Management  Incubator – “The Software License Management Incubator will develop whitepapers focused on the challenges identified to enable the industry to manage licensed software product(s) and product usage, and to move closer to interoperable solutions.  The Incubator will identify real world use cases and scenarios, and capture existing or proposed solutions that identify licensed software products and product usage based on a common set of definitions.” They partnered with organizations such as ISO and with companies such as IBM and CA. Click here to read more about this interesting initiative.
What about EU with its strict approach regarding technology ? Click here to learn more about EU initiatives of cloud comptuing standardizations.

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