Ideation on Demand: Listen to Your Cloud Community

Cloud content ideationI have been responsible for editing and publishing over 1,200 articles in the realm of cloud computing over the last two years. Besides creating articles, at IamOnDemand (IOD), we also review trending topics, cultivate relevant ideas, and select the right headlines for articles we create. Just like every organization that wants to grow fast while enhancing its service, products and customer satisfaction, we are constantly on the lookout for creative methods and innovative technologies that support robust and quality delivery.

One of the main challenges in content writing is finding a healthy way to integrate innovative and unique ideas into an already existing and ever-fluctuating market. You may have spent hours or even weeks writing an amazing article, only to discover that no one read it once it was published. Maybe people overlooked it; maybe they clicked on its title and left the page after reading two sentences. Ultimately, the post did not achieve the user engagement that you had hoped for, leaving you with an 80% bounce rate.

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Listen and Fire

There are two main parallel routes you can take in order to overcome this challenge. The first is to spend some quality time listening to your tech community and being attentive to your environment. This applies to your customers’ needs, as well as your followers’ and anyone else’s in your community. Frequently you’ll find that good ideas are much easier to come by when you know what knowledge or guidance your target audience seeks.

The other route is to fight fire with fire. The more stories you tell, the more articles you create, the higher your chances are of reaching a wider audience. With one blog post a month, you have exactly one chance to capture your community’s attention – twenty attempts will yield twenty different chances, based on our extensive experience.

In addition, we at IOD know that if you have a good idea for an article, you’ve already completed 50% of the work. So, the more ideas you have, the more content you can create. If you agree with us, keep on reading 🙂

IOD (IamOnDemand)’s Ideation

Ideation gives you the ability to listen to the cloud community. Using keywords or topics, you can search for and find thousands of articles sorted by their social popularity. The results are ranked by each article’s number of social shares, which gives you a very good idea of topics that are currently trending. Your search will yield popular articles, starting with the leading tech magazines all the way to a long list of cloud bloggers and industry practitioners.

In addition to blogs, we cover some of the most popular Q&A sites out there, including Quora, Reddit and Stackoverflow. If you want us to add your cloud blog, just let us know.

Below is an example of just how easy it is to search for topics of interest.

Search for “Cloud Security”

Aside from the search features, you can also check out our popular blogs section and view a list of the 100 most popular cloud computing blogs. Clicking on each site will lead you to a list of articles that are ranked by their number of shares.

Joe Mckendrick, Senior Cloud Computing Journalist at Forbes

 The Five Most Popular Cloud Computing Articles from CIO Magazine

You can always save your search topic or a great headline you discovered for later use (just use the blue stars). Keep in mind that we use your cookies to save your favorite topics and headlines.

The system is in its beta version and the fun part is that it’s totally free (we have no plans to change that and you don’t even need to register to use it).

Curios? check out IOD Ideation or just keep on reading.

Why Did We Create Ideation?

Our main goal was to support our own, as well as our customers’, exposure to content and create a situation in which articles are easily accessible. What’s more, it is essential that articles stand with headline expectations, and that the content is both relevant and useful to readers’ needs.

We created Ideation as a virtual brainstorming hub. Instead of extensive Google and Twitter searches, or other forays into the social media archives, Ideation can help you track and learn about what your audience likes, as well as help you find interesting discussions. I personally use it while running brainstorm sessions with our cloud experts and knowledge contributors in order to learn about what the cloud community needs and provide topic suggestions according to trending discussions. Once our ears are fully open to the needs of the tech world, we, at IOD, are able to provide our customers and audience with up-to-date knowledge of current trends in the cloud world and quality, engaging cloud stories.

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