Federal CIOs launch Cloud First Task Force

Link: Federal CIOs launch Cloud First Task Force


The National Institute of Standards and Technology has announced the arrival of the Cloud First Task Force (formerly known as the Cloud Computing Advisory) to emphasize federal cloud computing standards. The task force agenda will lean heavily on NIST, particularly NIST’s forthcoming USG Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap

The roadmap, comprised of two volumes will present helpful business use cases, identify existing interoperability, portability and security standards and guidance that apply to the cloud. It will cite high-priority gaps which need revising or new standards altogether and will offer recommended action plans complete with time-lines for agencies to utilize during cloud deployment.

Dawn Leaf, senior advisor and executive at NIST’s tech laboratory reinforced the public that cloud computing as a governmentwide initiative is not going away, despite federal CIO (and cloud first founder) Vivek Kundras’ departure.

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