Datapipe Acquires Newvem: My Take

newvem we analyze you optimize I began my journey in the world of cloud computing roughly about 9 years ago, leading cloud and SaaS products and development teams. Two years ago, as part of my position as Cloud Evangelist for Clicksoftware, I had the pleasure of meeting two progressive entrepreneurs, Zev Laderman and Ilan Naslavsky.  At that time, they had just begun developing cutting edge technology that supported AWS cloud users, optimizing usage and utilization. They had asked me to test this innovation, which was in its early alpha stage. So, being the optimistic and supportive early cloud adopter that I am, I immediately gave them the AWS keys (back then, you had only one option – the full right keys). Ilan, who came up with the idea, went over the AWS account Newvem’s analysis with me.  During his explanation, we came across a single Windows SQL EC2 instance that sat underutilized in the region of Japan.  Apparently, it had been running for nearly 5 months, resulting in approximately $6000 worth of Amazon operating costs. Eventually I managed to save around 40% of the AWS bill (tens of thousands of dollars).

I was the Newvem’s first alpha customer. Not long after, I joined the Newvem team, excited to be a part of this extremely innovative company. It was one of the few companies at the time to have the SMAC (Social, Mobile, Big Data Analytics and Cloud) notion as one of its leading concepts.
Newvem’s founders were very clear about their need to move fast. They understood the importance of the AWS cloud, its exponential growth pace as well as the highly dynamic nature of the public cloud and the extreme complexity of moving from hardware to an IaaS.  Together with the core product values, Newvem’s founders realized that the three imperative values for every innovative company today, were social media, content and community. This is where they let me take the wheel, as the company’s Chief Evangelist and Community VP.
The last two years have been extremely interesting, taking part in not only leading a company, but in a vision as well, within the ground-breaking cloud industry. Looking back, Newvem managed to define and build a new silo within the cloud management domain – usage and utilization optimization. Closely tracking the market evolution and competition, it was interesting to see how our statements and definitions for the new service were followed and used by other market players.
datapipe logo“Datapipe’s acquisition of Newvem is aligned with our commitment to be the industry leader in managed cloud services for the enterprise,” said Robb Allen, Datapipe CEO. “Combining Datapipe’s proven enterprise IT and cloud services with Newvem’s cloud optimization platform provides our clients with 360 degree insight into cloud operations and optimization.” Check out the complete press release
As a cloud enthusiast, I can say without a doubt that this acquisition is one of the most important ones in the cloud arena.  As Newvem’s amazing team already knows, we have yet again reached another milestone in the evolution of cloud computing. AWS business grows fast and its ecosystem is the first component that enjoys the tremendous success. Datapipe is one of the leading innovative IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that I’ve encountered over the last few years. This statement may seem overly confident, but let me explain. Datapipe has been in the market for over a decade. Their business approach is tailored to each customer’s needs on an individual project basis. However, what happens when your customers want to migrate from the traditional environment to the cloud? Datapipe leaders read the market changes correctly and today the company is one of the most important AWS cloud players in the field; enabling enterprises and government agencies to move to the public cloud while delivering enterprise grade cloud principles such as security and compliance. In order to become such a player, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) needs to be fast and find different ways to enhance its team’s skills and professionalism as well as make moves such as this acquisition.
I welcome you to read my analysis on the cloud broker player, which relates nicely to this topic.
Newvem services’ core capabilities are very important to the enterprise, including the ability to capture and analyze enormous amounts of machine-generated data and translate it to real business values. This is cutting edge technology that perfectly complements the core capabilities of the cloud MSP. Datapipe made a very smart move with ideal timing, paying close attention to the relevant needs of its customers. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how Datapipe incorporates Newvem into its future business ventures.
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