[Tech Expert: Frontend Development (JavaScript, HTML/CSS, React, Angular, Vue, NextJS)]

IOD Cloud Technologies Research is seeking a tech expert proficient in the field of Frontend development (JavaScript, HTML / CSS, React, Angular, Vue, NextJS).

IOD is seeking frontend developers who are wizards in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and who use one of the popular JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Vue, NextJS) on a daily basis. Should be familiar with CI/CD, SDLC, and deploying frontend applications on-premises or in cloud environments.

Additional requirements:

  • Fluent English a must and some experience writing/creating content (e.g., blogging, tutorials, talks, YouTube videos)
  • Skilled in researching new topics and technologies
  • Ability to break down and explain complex technical topics in a clear and simple way
  • Interested in learning new technologies
  • Available for a minimum of 7-10 hours/month, and ideally 20 hours/month