April Tech News: Patents, Controversies, and the Cloud Nation

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We’re excited to introduce a new monthly roundup of some of the most interesting industry news, resources, stories and sound bites we’ve encountered – with a focus on IOD’s own community, and our local turf as well, Israel.

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Interesting Business Trends from the IOD Community

One of our favorite partners Epsagon has announced their first patent! Congrats to the Epsagon team on your innovative and important discoveries in cloud computing monitoring that is a continuously evolving and complex landscape. This is a good demonstration of how technology evolves with it.  

The Israel Tech Scene

As always the Israeli tech scene is on fire. 🔥 This month saw multiple funding rounds (just this week we heard that Guesty and Placer raised more than $50M each, as well as earlier in April Deel, Deep Instinct, and Outbrain’s quiet $2B IPO filing). In total, more than $2.2B in funding raised this month alone.

A good person to follow on this front is Nir Ben Yona Shein, check out his continuously updated tally here on funding rounds, IPOs, and unicorn statuses achieved.  It’s fun to keep track of. 

So can we now call ourselves the Cloud Nation officially? More announcements by web giants like Google who are opening a first Israeli region, as well as a big win by both Google Cloud and AWS of $1+ billion multi-year cloud contract with the Israel government.  

What Tech Ecosystem Trail Blazers Are Talking About

We couldn’t have said this better 👇👇👇  We discovered this early on, and this why we crafted our expert-based content writing format.  Better together folks.  We didn’t say it – Kelsey did.

The Basecamp Controversy

Another major controversy on the web, that was hard to miss, was the recent announcement by the Basecamp founders – Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson about a change in their company policy – namely the banning of speaking about any political or social issues in the office.  This received much criticism from tech leaders across the board from Scott Hanselman, Ian Coldwater, to Jez Humble (and QTed by Martin Fowler), and many others.  Where the plot thickens in this the Verge article, that gives a little more insight into the actual backstory.  

@DHH has been in a tweeting frenzy since the initial post…we’ll let you be the judge on this one.

Israel As Marketing Powerhouse

This topic has come to the forefront recently – following a controversial piece by Eliran Rubin of TLV Partners talking about how Israeli is now suffering from a lack of marketing professionals (article in Hebrew).

Efrat Fenigson, G-CMO Founder, actually thinks otherwise and thinks Israel is a marketing powerhouse – with not only the brains, but also the tech (need we mention AppsFlyer, SimilarWeb, Ironsource, Oribi and IOD, just to name a few..?). WDYT?


We were also extremely saddened to read about the untimely passing of the legendary Dan Kaminsky, who was a security pioneer and gatekeeper.  Dan educated the industry as a whole on some of the most dangerous threats in our evolving tech landscape.  ICYMI, this write up by the New York Times celebrates his life and achievements.  RIP Dan, you will be missed.

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