BY Ofir Nachmani | December 18th, 2014

Software Load Testing: A Perfect Match for the Cloud

Typhoon.jpgThe cloud has allowed modern, web-scale IT companies, like Airbnb and Netflix, to grow and flourish into booming enterprises all over the web. With its flexibility and efficiency, it supports the demand of an organization’s growth from zero to millions of users, allowing them to prepare for this potential growth, as well. Before the cloud, simulating millions of concurrent users and running scalability, stress, or stability tests was very hard to implement, if not impossible. Cloud technology has brought software testing, especially performance testing, to a whole new playing field.

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BY Beverlyn Baer | December 15th, 2014

Geek Health: How-to De-Stress Your Workplace

computer-nerd.jpgHere at IOD (I am OnDemand), we spend a hefty amount of time sitting in front of the computer learning about the latest and greatest updates in the world of cloud computing and turning that knowledge into valuable content. It goes without saying that, along with the rest of the world of IT, we spend most of our days sitting for prolonged periods of time in postures that threaten our health and well being. Personally, as a registered yoga instructor (RYT 200), I find it extremely difficult to sit for long periods of time and always make sure to keep my blood pumping, joints happy and stress levels low, one way or another, when working on the computer. In respect to the wealth of knowledge out there regarding the dangers associated with prolonged sitting and the specific ailments linked to countless hours on the computer, I thought I’d share a few tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a computer geek.

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BY Beverlyn Baer | December 8th, 2014

oTranscribe, A Transcriber’s Dream Tool

The IOD team has generated over 500 articles for our customers over the past year, all of which have been original and unique in the world of cloud computing. Our technical writers and evangelists are measured by their efficiency and ability to maintain quality and accuracy. As a result, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance our production capabilities, making sure to arm our staff with tools that make their jobs easier, including our own Ideation and Google docs to WordPress features. In this article, we would like to share an important tool with you that we feel every writer should know about.

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BY Ofir Nachmani | December 7th, 2014

Salesforce Brings its Startup Program to Israel

The world’s maybe No. 1 CRM vendor and one of the cloud computing leaders, has launched a new program that focuses specifically on startups dubbed: Salesforce for Startups. The program was announced at Salesforce’s Dreamforce event this past October in San Francisco. The idea behind the program is to accompany startups through their customer journey from the very early stages of building apps, to the time they start to discover their first customers, and later scale and grow. To be able to do so effectively, Salesforce addresses both technical and business challenges that startups face.

Register to the next IGT Cloud meetup – Breakfast with Salesforce: Manage your Sales Teams to Win!

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BY Ofir Nachmani | December 5th, 2014

AWS Activate: Pros, Cons, and Everything in Between

Amazon-Web-Services-AWS-activateFirst and foremost, it is important to define what AWS Activate is and what it is used for before we can take a deeper look. Exactly one year ago, Amazon created a program specifically designed for a particular group of customers that often times is in need of as much help as they can get (AKA startups). This program supports startups in their initial phase of building their businesses. This includes providing AWS credits, taking part in startup contests, and receiving benefits from third party solutions on the AWS cloud. Activate allows AWS partners that want to create a presence within the Activate community offer perks to member startups. Some of which include discounts and extended free tiers.

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BY Beverlyn Baer | November 28th, 2014

Staying Ahead of the Game with Virtual Offices

Cloud content ideationWith virtual companies on the rise, and an increasing amount of organizations that hire employees to work remotely, the term “meeting” has started to evolve. For numerous advantageous reasons, face-to-face meetings are often substituted with virtual alternatives and are becoming particularly more relevant in the cloud industry. Whether you’re a new startup that doesn’t yet have the funds for a physical office, or a stable company that’s finding it increasingly challenging to ensure that all of your meetings’ attendees are located in the same time zone, you may have encountered issues with how to brainstorm effectively. As a result, virtual brainstorming is rapidly becoming a contemporary method that is important to master in order to ensure that you and your team not only keep up, but stay ahead of the game.

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BY Ofir Nachmani |

The AWS Ecosystem: Amazing Growth and Enterprise Cloud Focus

This article is cross-posted on TechTarget as part of my contribution during the AWS re:Invent show in Vegas this month. It is important to note, however, that this version is slightly different. In this article I will cover the evolution of the AWS ecosystem over the last 3 years, which, in my opinion, has been one of the most important indicators of the cloud industry’s growth.

Cloud vendors need an ecosystem. It is a vital part of their product’s and service’s maturity. In order to enable products to support more use cases, customers and revenues, you need a community of vendors that can link up to your API and extend your platform. By first developing your API and then creating a UI, you set the stage for companies that thrive off of your API and product. SalesForce, for example, holds data with their flexible platform that has quite possibly developed into the largest ecosystem in the cloud over the past few years. When external companies develop around your API, cloud vendor get 2 things: very rich services, above and beyond their core services, and a scalable business with revenues that are generated directly by ecosystem, itself.

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BY Ofir Nachmani | November 10th, 2014

My Expectations for re:Invent 2014: Lots of People and 3 Announcements

aws reinventThis is my third re:Invent, and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to attend all of the major AWS events thus far. It is evident that Amazon is disrupting the IT industry, and some very experienced bloggers in the field have told me that it is just a matter of time before it takes over enterprise IT, as well. Maybe in another 10 years, though. Nonetheless, the change it has established in the industry is extreme, with the cloud’s agility and speed able to reach nearly every place on earth. There were 5K attendees at AWS’ first re:Invent and this year, Amazon is expecting over 12K. Vegas will be filled with geeks and big shot CIOs.

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BY Ofir Nachmani |

Make the Most of AWS reInvent 2014

aws reinventThese are exciting times for the world of cloud computing, and with the largest ever AWS conference just around the corner, we can’t wait to see what everyone has in store. Our successful video interviews at AWS re:Invent 2013, with leading cloud brands across the globe, has brought the popular enterprise technology channel, SDR News, and yours truly together again to see what re:Invent 2014 has to offer.

The technology and consulting partners that shared their knowledge at last year’s event have greatly benefitted from their exposure across our social channels. And with the 12,000 participants expected to show up next week, exhibitors need to be especially on top of their game in order to manifest valuable opportunities. Last year’s video interviews focused on assessments of the event and learning about the exhibitors’ positions in and contributions to the AWS ecosystem. However, this year, we’re turning the focus fully onto you.

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BY Alon | October 2nd, 2014

The Google Chrome App that Bridges the Gap Between Google Docs and WordPress

 This is an official announcement of Google Docs to WordPress, our new Google Drive app. The app transfers Google documents into WordPress with one click, while automatically adjusting the images and formatting in order to fit with your blog’s graphic theme.

The field of content writing seems to experiencing something of a golden age. The world is discovering the power that lies within the ability to constantly create new quality content. This, however, is no easy task. Content writing usually requires an intricate collaboration between contributors, writers, reviewers and others. Establishing an efficient workflow is key to overcoming these challenges.

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