June Tech News: The On-Demand Experience Marketplace, Acquisitions, Product-Led Growth and more!

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Monthly Tech News

Our latest monthly tech news roundups in April and in May were a big hit. Here’s your monthly roundup for June, featuring some of the industry’s most significant stories, developments, and trends—with a focus on the IOD community and our home base in Israel.

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From the IOD Community

IOD Launches ODX 

Two trends are merging to shape the future of marketing content: skill marketplaces and the gig economy. With the  On-Demand Experience Marketplace, we are connecting those ideas—with the technical expertise, top-of-the-line production, and marketing savvy only IOD can deliver. Now you can simply check some boxes for what content you need, and we take care of the rest. 

ODX is a tech marketer’s new best friend, merging tech and marketing to provide a B2B infrastructure for the entire tech industry.

It looks like everyone wants a piece of the tech content pie. This month alone three leading dev-focused content sites have been acquired for big money.

StackOverflow Acquired at $1.8B 

The world’s most popular developer Q&A site was acquired by Prosus (the primary shareholder of Chinese gaming mega co/WeChat developer, Tencent). Interesting to note that this M&A went virtually unnoticed, with little media hype or frenzy. This acquisition basically came down to a couple of tweets from the founders—Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, and the world moved on. It remains to be seen if it will maintain its format and popularity post-acquisition. If all the developers didn’t leave Github after the Microsoft acquisition, then the likelihood is that it will weather this change in leadership, as well.

A Cloud Guru Acquisition by Pluralsight

More giants converge as Pluralsight, the tech e-learning platform and community—similar to Udemy, has acquired the Australian online tech learning site A Cloud Guru, that helps IT admins and practitioners evolve their skills to the cloud era. Not only is this considered a huge acquisition by Australian standards (a whopping $1B+ deal), it demonstrates how central a role cloud continues to play in many acquisitions.

The New Stackthe tech publication that rarely covers tech acquisitions….is ACQUIRED!

Insight Partners snatched up the tech media site the New Stack, which was launched just a few years ago by then tech journalist and analyst Alex Williams, who built one of the most followed and well-respected tech publications in the cloud & DevOps ecosystem. It’s interesting to note that even the sites that influence what’s on the cloud & DevOps agenda are quickly acquired as rapidly as the actual tech sites they cover.

Which brings us to…

Tapping into Product-Led Growth – Two Excellent Case Studies

The new VC-inspired phrase in the mouths of the founders of every nascent startup these days is “product-led growth.” Every startup wants to know how to create products so beloved by developers, they will quickly go viral and gain bottom up traction and adoption rapidly.

There may be patterns for the things that succeed, that doesn’t means there’s a formula for success.

— Simon Sinek (@simonsinek) June 16, 2021

This quote by Simon Sinek encapsulates really well why articles like Traction Tactics” Behind Square, PayPal, Waze, Twilio & More, or playbooks like this The Developer-Focused Go-to-Market Playbook released this month, go viral.

Everyone wants to try to replicate how the giants succeeded before, where they want to try to succeed as well. While two interesting reads indeed, and certainly excellent data and analysis, we need to remember there is no playbook or “formula” for success. If it was that easy and that predictable, it wouldn’t be a mystery, everyone would be doing it; and like everything else that isn’t innovative, it would ultimately stop working too.

The Lies Hacker News Tells Us: Truth or Troll?

This Hacker News post went viral, begging the question by many folks in tech is this true? Is it even possible? Is this legal? Have I been leaving money on the table? We’ll allow you to be the judge.


IOD’s Webinar Summary blog post

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